In this video Tracy Gold gives you her top fashion tips to finding the perfect dress for women over 40.

I love dresses. They are so easy to just through on, they can be dressed up or down and they are easy to travel with. But this is only the case if you have the perfect dress for your shape. In this video, I’m going to give you tips to finding your perfect dress.

Dress styles and fits change with the seasons and fashion trends, but here are some tips to some classic styles to look out for.

1. Look out for a dress that fits in the waist and flares at the hem. This is a universally flattering shape. My favourite style is the wrap dress… but make sure it has enough wrap to give you flair in the hem.

2. If your favourite dress is shapeless, belt it. This only works though if the hem is flared and in soft fabric. If not, it may create more volume than you want.

3. Print or plain? If the fabric is firm and doesn’t cling, then a plain colour is perfect. If the fabric is soft and clingy, then print works best. Print also works to disguise the bits you aren’t so crazy about and it shows no panty lines.

4. Determine your best length. This is important as it can either make or break the dress.

If you like your legs …. And yes you can show your knees if you are over 40.. wear your dress just above your knee or a little higher depending on your height. Generally shorter women look better in slightly shorter lengths.

If you are not crazy about your knees then wear the length just below the knee.

If you really don’t like your legs, either wear tights and long boots or go for full length dresses. And I mean full length. Asymmetrical hems cheat.

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Tracy Gold shares her top fashion tips for women over 40.

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