In this video I give you  tips on how to find your personal style for women over 40.

Developing and representing your own personal style is the biggest trend. But how to do know what your personal style is and better yet, how do you find it.


Now as women over 40, we may have been through quite a few style stages. Anyone remember what you wore in the 80’s?

Becoming really clear on what you personal style is, will save you time, money and make it super easy to get dressed in minutes in the morning.

So how do you find this elusive personal style of yours?

1. What are the items in your wardrobe that you really love? Are they your classic items in neutral tones or do you love your bright printed dress or embellished jacket? Two of my favorite items as you might has seen is this red leather jacket and this printed dress… you have seen me wear these pieces quite a few times.

2. What styles and outfits do you admire and could see yourself wearing? You can make use of instagram (follow me on instagram) pinterest and street style. Now if you are more of a classic kind of girl, then my bold style won’t work for you, but this classic style make work better for you.

3. What do you want your look to say about you?
This is often a hard question for women to answer, but really give it some thought. What we look like does say something to the world, so wouldn’t you rather it be saying something accurate?

For example… my philosophy is why fit in when I can stand out? So I am comfortable to wear bold colour, styles etc. What is yours?

4. Don’t be afraid to try new things.
Sometimes it’s a good idea to try a few things and see how you look and feel. When you are in this trial phase, be careful how much you spend on an item till you are clear on the look you are after.

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