Do you have a closet full of clothing, but nothing to wear? In this video I am going to show you how to create a fall mix and match wardrobe that will help you create a fabulous over 40 style.

Many women spend a fortune on clothing, but still have nothing to wear. Hopefully with these tips, Fall 2017 will be different.

1. Determine the look you want to create: When you know what look you are after, it’s easier to spot the perfect pieces to add to your seasonal wardrobe.

2. Your mix and match wardrobe must suit your body shape: You may have plenty of mix and match pieces in your wardrobe, but if they don’t suit your body shape, they won’t work to create the look you desire. Once you have a clear idea of what works for your body shape, it’s so much easier to shop for your perfect wardrobe.

3. Your mix and match wardrobe must suit your lifestyle: This is really key. Sometimes we have a wardrobe for the life we used to have or the lifestyle we used to have. Make sure that your wardrobe works well with your lifestyle so that you get maximum wear out of it.

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