In this video I give my top tips on how to shop your personal style for women over 40.

Once you are clear on what your personal style is, then you can start to develop it and put together a wardrobe that reflects your personal style. Shopping for your personal style can save you time and money… if you know how.

If you are not sure on what your personal style is, check out my video on how to find your personal style.

1. Start with your basics
Which basics suit your personal style? This could be a classic pair of black pants or blazer or it may be a leather jacket that will funk your style. Good basics that work with your personal style are worth investing in.

2. Determine which trends you want to wear and reflect your personal style
Not all the trends are going to suit your personal style, but when you become clear on the ones that do, it makes shopping for those key pieces so much easier. When you walk into a store, you have a clear idea of what you are looking for, which cuts out the clutter.

3. Make a shopping list of what you need to create your personal style
Become a curator rather than a consumer. Carefully choose the pieces that work for you.

4. Before you buy an item, ask yourself ….
Does this work for the look I want to create?
What am I going to wear it with?
Where am I going to wear it to?

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