Fall is a wonderful time to layer your clothing for warmth and to add interest to your look, but how do you layer without adding unwanted bulk? In this video I’m going to show you a few fall layering outfits for women over 40.

Layering can make you look and feel bulky, so how do you layer, feel warm and look fabulous? Better yet, how can you have fun with layering.

Base layers: A thin layer underneath your clothing works really well. For example: Body suit Lace body stocking Leggings or stockings. For a fun option go for cashmere or decorative.

Layering tops and dresses: Dresses are wonderful layering pieces. You can wear over your base layers and still look fab. This also means that once you are inside, you can remove your jacket and coat, still be comfortable and look fab. You can also wear sleeves in ¾ and with the base layer underneath, it will make your dress or top more versatile. When layering dresses and tops, if they are made of stretch fabrics, it will keep you comfortable and make it easier to layer without feeling bulky.

Jackets: During the fall, a jacket is a must to look fabulously warm. Depending on your climate, will depend on how warm your jacket needs to be. If you have a lightweight jacket that is perfect for fall, consider layering a coat or heavier jacket on top as you go into winter to make it more versatile. For example, this cropped denim jacket works perfectly for fall, but come winter, I’ll be freezing. So I wear this jacket as a top and then add a heavier jacket or coat on top.

Boots and shoes: Did you know that you can have fun layering with your shoes and boots? If you have a pair of partially open shoes that you want to wear on a chilly day, consider wearing a little stocking sock underneath? This also works with closed shoes to give you that little bit of extra warmth in a stylish way. You can wear thick socks under boots and let the stock stick out a little or a lot. This is a great way to cover your legs and do it with style.

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