The holidays are fast approaching, but what are you going to wear? In this video I am going to show you some of my top holiday party outfit ideas that will have you looking fabulous this festive season.

The holidays are usually filled with parties, get togethers, end of year parties and everything in between. Often the anxiety sets in for women when they don’t know what to wear.

Before you head to the stores to buy outfits that will cost you money and you will hardly wear again, consider the following:

1.What parties and events do you have coming up?

2.What look do you want to create?

3.What do you already have in your closet that will work?

4.What do you need to shop for, to create the desired look?

5.Rather purchase a few versatile pieces that you can dress up and down, mix and match for your various occasions.

Here are some ideas to wear for various kinds of parties you may have coming up this season.

Pants cocktail look:
Who says you have to wear a skirt or dress to a party. But if you wear pants, make a statement doing it. In this look, I’m wearing leather pants with a fitted jacket. The flared sleeve is a fashionable look this season, but it’s classic enough to wear next season too.

Party dress look:
The right dress is super easy to dress up or down, depending on how fancy the party is. In this example you can see that I can either wear this dress for daytime or I can dress up with a pair of heels, …….

If you need a more formal look, you can wear a classic style dress, but in a more luxurious fabric. This dress is made of embossed velvet. Velvet is a huge trend this season, it looks dressy and it’s super warm.

Shimmer and shine: If you want to really get into the holiday spirit, you can go for a metallic look. Metallics are huge this season and it’s a really easy way to glam up your look.

Dress up jeans look: If you have a casual party to go to, but you want to dress up a little, team your favorite pair of jeans with a glam top and heels or even a jacket. Dark wash jeans or black jeans are usually easier to dress up.

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