I love shoes and they can really make or change an outfit. In this video I am going to give you some tips on how to pick the perfect pair of shoes for an outfit.

Listen, I have a shoe problem. It’s very hard for me to resist buying another pair of beautiful shoes, but in reality, we actually don’t need that many pairs… eeekkk!!!! I know!!!!!

In many cases, we need to be practical when buying shoes. I don’t know about you, but I can’t be bothered to wear uncomfortable shoes any longer, but these days style and comfort are possible.

Here the basic pairs of shoes I think most women should have.

A good pair of black shoes/boots
A nude or metallic shoe
An accent color shoe/boot that you wear a lot
A sneaker
A sexy shoe for going out

So which shoe do you choose for which outfit? Well, that depends on the look you want to create. Let me give you an example:

Rules you can break when choosing the perfect shoe for an outfit:

You don’t have to wear heels to feel sexy, but they do help. And not all high heels are equal. For example, a block heel or a wedge is far more comfortable than a skinny heel. I find a boot type shoe or a flatform far more comfortable and easy to walk in than other styles of shoes. If you still can’t wear these variations, then look out for a sexy pair of flats. Like these red ones.
For more on this, take a look at my video ‘How to look good in flats’. I’ll put the link in the description below.

You don’t have to match your shoes and your bag that is an old fashioned rule, but if you are wearing quite a bit of color, it can be a great way to ground your look.

For example this dress and jacket together is a bold combination. A basic black shoe and handbag grounds the look and keeps if from being way too busy.

You can mix casual and dressy. Just because you are wearing a dress, doesn’t mean you have to wear a dressy shoe and just because you are wearing jeans, doesn’t mean you have to wear sneakers. Mix it up for a modern look.

Your shoe color doesn’t have to match your outfit. When I say match, I mean, it doesn’t have to be the same color, as long as it blends. In fact, your accent color shoe is great here.

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Tracy Gold shares her top fashion tips for women over 40.


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