Did you feel fabulous in 2017? If you didn’t or if you did, but there is still room for improvement, then in this video I am going to help you set up your 2018 style resolutions, so you look and feel better than ever before.

Have you ever made style resolutions? Well if you haven’t then maybe it’s time.

This time of the year is a great time to reflect and look back on the year and to look forward and decide how you want to go into the new year.

I am always amazed of how impactful our clothing can be on our lives. It’s never just about the clothes, but it’s about how we want to feel, how we do feel and what we are expressing by the clothing we choose to wear.

For 2018, I would like to help you to set yourself up for a year of feeling fabulous. So lets get started.

Start by dreaming: If you were to look and feel fabulous, what would that look like? What clothing would you wear, what colors and styles would you choose? How would the clothing feel on your body. Really create a picture of what that looks like and focus on the feeling. You can use instagram, youtube, magazines, pinterest for inspiration.

What is your look now? What do you wear on a day-to-day basis. How does it make you feel? How does it compare to your dream?

Take a look at your closet: What do you have in your wardrobe that matches your dream and which items don’t.

Purge your closet: go through each item and critically assess each item. What do you love and what don’t you? Only keep the things you really love. You don’t need a lot of clothing to have plenty to wear.

Re-organize your closet to be a happy place for you: Make sure you can clearly see what you have, often less is more in this instance.

Make your resolutions: Your resolutions could be unique to you, but here are some examples,

You may have held yourself back from wearing what you really love for fear of what people would think. Decide to wear them anyway.

You may have held yourself back from wearing what you love for fear that others will think you are trying to look young. Decide to dress for your personal style.

Maybe you have a good wardrobe, but you could play a little more, you could be a little more creative with the way you wear your clothing. Put some of these together and hang them that way in your closet to remind you to wear them.

Maybe you have gone through a body change and you keep holding off from buying clothing because you are waiting to get back to what you were. Maybe your resolution needs to be to dress the body you have right now in clothing that makes you feel fabulous today.

Maybe you have way too many clothes and you just love buying more, maybe your resolution is to buy less and focus more on what you have and ways of wearing them differently so you enjoy the variety you crave.

Ladies, I believe that life is too short to wear boring clothes, so resolve to only wear clothing you love and feel fabulous in.

My style resolutions are to experiment more with color, pattern and interesting combinations.

I also resolve to try less. I often feel under pressure to look great all the time, but I also love to be spontaneous and do things off the cuff. I resolve to be less concerned about always getting my look right.

So what style resolutions are you making this year? Please let me know in the comments below.

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