Do you have way too much in your closet? Do you have so many clothes that you don’t know what to wear? In this video, I am going to show you how to purge your closet and have plenty to wear.

Many women think they need a lot of clothing to have a lot to wear. Actually a concise wardrobe that mixes and matches, dresses up and dresses down and suits your body shape gives you far more to wear, but sometimes it’s hard to do the purge.

Remember that you need to get rid of the things that don’t work for you so you can make space for the things that do.

Purging your wardrobe can be a very therapeutic exercise and sometimes it can an emotional one, because our closets reflect our lives. So first you need to set the scene.

Arrange some un-interrupted time for you and your closet. Put on your favorite music and get your favorite drink.

1. Create 3 piles: 1 for give away, 1 for maybe, 1 for repair

2. Go trough each item and ask yourself the 3 F’s – this comes from a video by KarenBritChic and I thought it was fabulous…

Fit: Does it work for your body shape, does it fit you well?
Function: Where do you wear it, how often do you wear it, what do you wear it with?
Fabulosity: Does this make me look and feel fabulous?

Maybe pile: There may be items you aren’t sure about or you aren’t ready to let go of. Then put them in the maybe pile. At the end of the process, go through these again and ask yourself the same 3 F questions. If you are still not ready, then pack away and see if you go back to them in the next month. If not, give them away.

Repair pile: Some things may fit these criteria, but they need some repair or slight altering. These go into the repair pile. Once you are done, put this bag in the boot of your car and take it to the tailor before it gets pushed aside.

Giveaway pile: I know it’s hard to give away clothing you have spent money on, but one way I deal with this, is to give it away to charity. If I’m not wearing it, it can give someone else joy.

Re-organise your closet: With what is left, organize it so you can see everything, in a way that makes sense to you.

Resolve not to refill it with things that don’t work for you. For more tips on this you can check out my style resolutions video.

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