Has the New Year put you in the mood for a change? Yes, me too. This month, I bring you a new video series on how to update your look and in this episode I give you tips on how to give your look a revamp by trying a new trend.

We often think we need to make big changes to feel different, but sometimes it just takes a small tweek there, a slightly bigger tweek here.

One of my favorite ways to update my look is to try a new trend or even just one trendy piece and I don’t mean looking like you’ve raided your daughters closet…speaking of which, I have a free download for you on how to look fashionable over 40. You can download that in the link here.

So how do you decide of which trend to choose and how to go about mixing it into your existing wardrobe?

1. Choose a trend that you love. There may be a trend that you’ve been eyeing out, but you have been a bit nervous to try it out. Well, now you should just do it.

2. It needs to work with or introduce a new aspect to your personal style. The fun thing about fashion today, is that you can mix things up. You don’t have to just wear classic or feminine or edgy, you can mix them up.

So how does this work?
A while ago I fell in love with the slightly punk, edgy look. Adding a few key pieces to my wardrobe allowed me to really transform my look. Chunky shoes and boots, a biker jacket or two and I have the look.

To make this look work with existing wardrobe, I mixed my classic pieces with my edgy pieces to create my own style.

I also love vintage pieces (which is a trend in and of itself) as it’s a great way to create my own individual look, but the trick is to mix it with modern pieces for a contemporary look.

So I mix this green leather jacket I bought at a vintage market with my jeans and studded black boots or my old favorite printed dress. Suddenly it gives this old dress of mine, some new life.

Now it’s your turn.. which trend would you like to try out. I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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Tracy Gold shares her top fashion tips for women over 40.



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