What does your personal style say about you? When last have you assessed your personal style to ensure it truly reflects who you are? In this video I am going to give you tips on how to update your personal style so you look and feel fabulous.

We often think of our personal style as something that is set, but that isn’t really true. Think back, what your personal style 10, 20 years ago. Is it the same as today?

Often we go through changes that impact on our personal style. It could be body changes, lifestyle changes etc.

Now, I’d like you to really assess your personal style as it is today. Does it reflect who you are? And if not, what do you want your personal style to say about you?

I’ll give you an example, I had a client once who said she was the life and soul of the party, often the joker of the group, yet she wore very classic clothing and colors. Now there is nothing wrong with wearing classic styles, but it didn’t accurately reflect her personality.

If your personal style isn’t saying what you want it to say, here are some tips about changing it.

What do you want to express? Become really clear on what you want to say about yourself. Is it ‘I’m fun, creative and up for new experiences’, or is it ‘I’m competent, professional and should be taken seriously’, is it ‘I’m safe, approachable and a good listener’.

Dress to express: What do you need to wear to express that part of your personality in that situation? For example:

The fun and creative woman could wear bold color, print and things that make her stand out. She may combine colors and styles that no one else would dare to … because she’s got a creative eye and is up for new experiences.

The professional woman will wear clean, simple lines, her outfit is well put together, but she’s comfortable enough to get the job done.

The approachable woman can wear colors that put people at ease. She may wear neutral tones with hints of softer color.

Plan your wardrobe accordingly. When you are clear on how your personal style needs to change, now you can fill with the right things. What do you have existing and what do you need. What tweeks do you need to make.

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