Color is a great way of updating your look. In this episode of my series on how to update your look, I show you how to use color to do just that.

Remember in my style resolutions video, I shared with you gals that I resolve to try new and interesting color and style combinations. Well you can do that too.

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Now if black is your favorite color, then maybe just adding a few pops of color to your wardrobe will do the trick for you. For tips on how to do that, I’ll put the link to the playlist in the description below.

For those of you who are a little more comfortable with wearing color then maybe it’s time to start pushing the boundaries on this.

Here are a few ways I am doing this:

Instead of just wearing this bold skirt with a black top, I’m wearing it with a blue top and my red coat and boots.

I love this jacket I bought in Barcelona. The obvious choice would be to wear it with red, which I do, but the other day, I decided to pick up on the teal in this jacket and team it with this top and bold earrings.

This dress has quite a bit of color in it. I can wear it with a black jacket… or I can team it with my favorite red coat to highlight the red in it.

If you are nervous of bold color combinations, then try adding texture in the same color for some interest. For example, layer short or sleeveless items with a lace body stocking and leggings. It’s all navy, but still different than the usual.

I hope these ideas inspire you to try some of your own combinations. Be bold ladies… life is just to short to wear boring clothes.

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Tracy Gold shares her top fashion tips for women over 40.


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