I’ve been saying that I have some exciting new things in store for you this year, in this video I’m going to tell you about my new ‘How to look fashionable over 40’ series.

Over the holidays, I was looking for an online platform for women that offered fashion inspiration from various over 40 bloggers, influencers etc, but I couldn’t find one….this gave me an idea,

What if I used my channel to not only bring you fashion tips and inspiration from me, but also from other over 40 inspirational women. So fab gals, I am starting a new ‘How to look fashionable over 40’ interview series where I will interview other amazing, inspiring women who are doing it! They vary in age, personal style and are all over the world.

I am going to find out from them what inspires their look, what they do to look and feel fab and some of their top styling tips. I am already inspired and I hope you will be too.

Also, if there is someone you would like me to interview, let me know in the comments below.

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Tracy Gold shares her top fashion tips for women over 40.

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