The best thing you can do for yourself is to love and accept the body you have. Easier said than done right? In this video I share some of my thoughts on how to love your body or get closer to achieving this.

The great thing about getting older is that we actually start feeling more confident and actually we stop caring quite so much.

Well, we cannot turn back the clock, but we can start appreciating what we have TODAY. I often think back to the things I used to dislike in my 30’s and now I wish I hadn’t wasted that time feeling self conscious. Well, I can’t change that, but I can make the choice today to love what I have.

There are however things that do help me and my clients to do this.

1. Dress in clothing that makes you love your body shape. This is so important. I see women transform their relationship with their bodies when they start to see how they look in clothing that works for them.

2. Shift your focus. You can either focus all your attention on the things you don’t like, you can start focusing on the aspects you love. And you know what, what you focus on grows.

3. Make the decision. I think so much of how we feel is in how we think. Decide today to love what you have. My viewer Ranita said I’m almost 58 and things have changed that will not be changing back. I want to accept what is and not worry about what was.

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Tracy Gold shares her top fashion tips for women over 40.


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