Welcome back to my series on how to dress when you are short for women over 40. In this episode, I tell you what shoes to wear when you are short.  And being short does mean you have to wear back breaking high heels.

So many women think they have to squeeze themselves into uncomfortable shoes or wear painful styles to look taller. While high heels do help, there are high heels and there are high heels, but flats can work to.

I’m going to show you how.

Block heels and wedges give a far more solid base. Make sure the width of the shoe works for you as this will make a big difference with how comfortable or uncomfortable it is. Also look at the slant of the shoe. If it’s more gradual, it will be much more comfortable.

Find the style of shoe that works for your foot. For example, I find a boot type shoe to be far more comfortable as it gives me more support.

For example, these boot shoes are very comfortable and they work to elongate my legs because of the lace up detail.

Flat forms: Oh how I love flatforms. They give you height without the discomfort. You don’t have to wear dramatic heights like these. Even just a little lift will make a difference.

For example, these give me a lot of extra height and they are super comfortable. Although they are rose gold, they are similar to the color of my skin, which makes my legs look even taller.

Over the knee boots: these are a fun and fashionable way of making your legs look longer than they are. Although this is a winter trend, you can still get away with wearing them in Spring.

You know my red boots by now and even though they don’t have a big heel, the height of them makes my legs appear longer than they are.

Stylish flats: I’m all for stylish flats as they can make you look and feel fabulous, even though they are flat.

Nude shoes: Nude shoes are one of my favorite tricks as it looks like your foot and shoe is an extension to your leg.

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