So many of you have been asking me how you can hide your tummy. So in this video I am going to tell you how to do just that.

If you’ve been watching me for a while, you will know that I keep saying that emphasizing your waist is the best way to slim your look instantly, but so many of you have been saying, well how do I do that if I have a tummy? Now first of all, I just want to clarify, when I say you need to emphasize your waist, I do not mean your tummy. Your waist is higher up. If you are still nervous about it, here are my top magic tricks to flattening that tummy of yours instantly.

1. Correct your posture: I know, this probably surprises you, but it is actually very important. You need to lift your sternum. This straight away slims your tummy and makes you look slimmer instantly. It also gives you more a waist to emphasize. So ladies…. Stand up right now, lift your sternum and start walking around…. Now how do you feel? Look at how your tummy is flatter already and you probably aren’t even wearing the right clothes…. yet.

2. Get a good bra: This is important no matter what size your bust is, because if your girls are hanging at the right level, with sufficient support, you are going to have less of a waist to emphasize.

3. Get the waistband right: Where the waistband sits and how it fits makes a huge difference. This forms as your ‘foundation’ garment. If you have a bit of a tummy, high waisted jeans are fabulous. If you have quite a bit of a tummy, then opt for a mid – rise pair of pants or jeans. What you want is enough support to hold it in, without going too high that it allows it to pop out. Wide waistbands are fabulous for this and fabrics with stretch will allow for hold as well as comfort.

4. Avoid wearing baggy styles: This actually can make you look like one big ball. Rather wear fitted styles that skim your tummy instead of clinging.

Here are some examples of styles that really work. I’m going to show you some examples of some of the makeovers I’ve done to illustrate these points…so you can see how it works on various women and not just me.

1. Wear prints in fitted tops: This makes a huge difference as you won’t be able to see what is fabric and what is flesh. If you prefer wearing plain colors, try tops like this one. This top emphasizes your slimmest point, and disguises the tummy.

The length of the tops are important. You want to just cover your widest point and not over compensate. If you are wearing the right waistband, you won’t have to worry about flashing your tummy.

2. Wear a jacket or blazer that nips in the waist. This is a great way to make use of your existing baggier tops in your closet. In this example, she is wearing quite a shapeless blouse, but you wouldn’t know it because the jacket gives her shape.

3. Wear wrap dresses that fit and flare. This works to emphasize your waist and balance the width of your tummy.

4. Belt it. This is one of my personal favorite tricks. By belting your waist, it puts the emphasis there and not on your tummy.

Here is an example of how these principles work. This is Jaqueline. In the before shot you can see that she is wearing baggy top which makes her look bigger. By wearing this fitted printed wrap dress that emphasizes her waist and gives her balance, she looks fabulous.

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