Spring is in the air, but before you start trawling the stores for the latest trends and pieces, here is a list of top 5 basics you will need for spring.

I love trends and adding fashionable pieces to my wardrobe, but before you add a single trendy piece, it’s really important you have your basics in place. Basics are items that will make it possible to mix and match and have plenty to wear.

Good basic pieces are usually worth investing in as they will be your classic staples, but classic doesn’t have to be boring! You know how I feel about boring.

1.Jacket you can wear with everything: It’s still chilly, so you are going to need a jacket and depending on your climate, will depend on whether it needs to be rain proof.

My favorite jacket is this leather one I bought in Milan. So ladies, please don’t ask where you can get it because I think it was just a sample I found in an outlet store, but I’ll try to find something similar for you for my Amazon store.

This is warm and stylish and it goes with pretty much everything.

2.Dark denim jeans you can dress up or down
Dark denim is going to be a huge trend for spring, but it’s also a great basic. In fact, if you saw my video on how to dress when you are short for casual, you will know that the dark denim is great to make your legs look longer than they are. Dark denim also makes it super easy to dress them up and down. The high rise is also super fashionable and very favorable to the tummy and makes your legs look longer.

3.Closed shoes or ankle boots
With the crazy variable spring temperatures, a closed shoe is great. These I also bought in Milan last year, but I’ll look for something similar in my Amazon store. These are great as I can wear them without socks or with stockings or socks. In fact, this is a great time to play with some funky sock styles….which is also a trend.

4. Dress you can layer
If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that I love dresses, because they are so easy to dress up and down and layer. For your spring dress, here you can have some fun with color and print. I’ve chosen the graphic print dress, which is a spring trend this year, but it’s basic enough that I will love it for years to come. I can either just wear it with my jacket or with a body stocking or long sleeve top over it. Notice that I’m wearing my jacket and shoes mentioned earlier. See how things mix and match already.

5. Leggings and tights
For me, leggings are such an important piece for spring as they make my wardrobe so much more versatile. Wear them under a dress and you have sudden warmth. You can also have fun with leggings and tights. For example, I love these fishnet ones as they make a statement and are so much more fun that just plain.

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