I share my top fashion tips on how to pack light for New York, for women over 40.

So you are going to the BIG APPLE and you want to look stylish, but what do you pack? In this video I am going to show you how to pack light and have plenty to wear.

I recently went to NY and let me tell you, it was a packing challenge. I was filming, doing makeovers, meetings, styling etc and most of my suitcase was taken up with my collection. I wanted to have enough to wear, but leave space for some shopping. If anyone knows how to pack light. It’s me, so here are my tips.

Check the weather: This can give you a guide of what to pack. Check the Acuweather extended forecast to see what the weather is likely to be during your stay.

Pack layers: It’s always best to pack layers as weather will vary. Pack layers that are easy to put on and take off so you will be prepared no matter the weather.

Decant and downsize your cosmetics: Don’t take full size products as it will take up way too much space in your suitcase. Decant your products into small travel size containers. Also downsize your makeup. Only take what you really will use and make use of two in one products to further reduce what you need to pack.

Use your shoes as storage items: Stuff socks, computer cables into shoes. This works well for storage in your suitcase and ensures that your shoes maintain shape.

Pack wash and wear items: Avoid packing items that need a lot of ironing or are difficult to wash. I pack items that I can wash out in the bathroom sink and hang in the shower. Take a small amount of washing powder with you.

Pack mix and match pieces: This ensures you have plenty to wear with just a few items. These are the items I packed.

1 Jacket
2 pair of shoes
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of pants
3 dresses
1 skirt and top combo
4 tops
leggings and tops to layer underneath

Now let me show you just some of the outfits these few items create.

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