I share my top summer fashion tips on how to shop for a party dress for women over 40.

I am a huge fan of print and pattern dresses that fit and flair, but now I had to find a plain color dress and I couldn’t be black…. yikes!!! Panty lines, ripples and bumps here we come. Now I know how am slim, but as you will see, plain colors don’t discriminate.

I’m also not a fan of shapewear. This limits the amount of times I’ll actually wear the dress and feel comfortable.

Jade dress: it’s a pretty color, but I wasn’t crazy about how the bust sat and the length is dowdy. I could shorten the length, but check out the obviously panty lines and it’s lined.

Green dress: eeeekk!! I love the color but it has no shape and look at how my tummy looks!!!!

Coral dress: now here is a combo of plain and print, but it is huge and I’d have to be careful with the bra I wear as it shows everything.

Black print dress:… ah… printed scuba. I love print, but the shape is not fit and flair which I find makes my hips look bigger than they need to be. And… I have to have a plain dress.

Printed dress: Another print….eeek it’s looks like a dressing gown. When you wear print, it has to fit well and fit and flair is best. This is straight at the hem. Print can look granny like if it isn’t the right shape.

Red dress: Yes!!!! Now we are talking! This fits in my waist, the chiffon pieces float and hide panty lines and it’s my favorite color.

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