In part 3 of my Holiday Style Made Easy series, I take you shopping with me as I look for the perfect holiday party outfit and gives you tips on how to find yours.

Have a party to go to, but nothing to wear? In this video I take you shopping with me to show you how to shop for your perfect party outfit for the season.

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Asymmetrical dress

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So many women get super freaked out about what to wear to a party. They rush out and buy something really quickly and often it’s not the right thing. So I’m going to show you some tips of what to look out for, so that you can buy dresses that you love and can wear over and over again.

I headed to Macy’s as it’s just so festive this time of year. I’m going to show you a combo of things I found there and then also some from my own collection.

You know how much I love prints and patterns because they do hide, but in winter, there is this little benefit called leggings and tights which helps to smooth everything out.

Also, generally a fit and flare dress works best and I’ll show you why.

Burgandy dress: I love the color, but the shape isn’t quite right. I like more of a flare in the hem, otherwise I look very straight up and down. For ladies who aren’t crazy about their hips and bum, a flared hem is super important as it balances out your shape.

Red dress: Now this has more of a flared hem and of course, I love the red, but the length is a bit dowdy and this kind of hem can’t be shortened. If you are on the short side, make sure to select a dress you can easily alter the length if need be and it won’t loose it’s shape.

Emerald velvet: I love the color and fabric of this dress. I also love the neckline, the bow and the halter (since I have a small bust), but the shape of the skirt is just too straight and it doesn’t have any waist definition.

Blue velvet wrap dress: Now this is fit and flare, but the length and size just looks too dowdy. Maybe down a size and shortening the length would work, but I’m not totally sold on this one. For a more curvy woman, this would be perfect.

Teal dress: Now we are talking. I love this dress. I love the color, it fits in the waist and flares at the hem. I love the movement the hem makes. This is really gorgeous.

Now I’m going to show you two from my own collection, you may have seen already.

Shimmer wrap: This wrap dress fits me perfectly. Do you see what I mean about getting the size and length right. The regular length for this dress comes to just below the knee, but I shortened mine to better suit my height. You can do the same.

Asymmetrical shimmer dress: This does have a lot of movement because of the line of the dress, but also because of the shimmer fabric. It disguises the eye so you won’t know what is fabric and what is flesh. Yay!

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