How to Dress Taller

Tracy Gold shares her top style tips on how to look taller INSTANTLY!


How to Dress Taller Online Courses

Do you feel that being short keeps you from looking as stylish and fashionable as you would like to be? In these courses, Tracy shares her tried and tested style tips on how to look taller INSTANTLY… without wearing painful high heel shoes! 

This course consists of 8 modules. Each module includes a video series and an e-magazine for a fun and unique learning experience. You can bookmark the e-magazines on your phone for easy access to the tips.

Modules include:

Module 1: Basic Principles

Module 2: Pants & Jeans

Module 3: Tops

Module 4: Jackets

Module 5: Dresses

Module 6: Skirts

Module 7: Shoes

Module 8: Shorts – coming soon


Tracy’s Magic Belt

The Tracy Gold Collection belt makes you look taller INSTANTLY!

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Tracy Gold New York Collection


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Tracy Gold New York Collection
Tracy Gold New York Collection
Tracy Gold New York Collection
Tracy Gold New York Collection

I absolutely love the two dresses I bought. The colour, style and they fit me perfectly.  The perfect length as I am a petite in stature. I feel sooooooooo feminine in the dresses.

Linda Tracey

It makes me so happy to put on these beautiful colors. Note the way the subtle lines in the pattern flatter the figure by going diagonally The dress squishes up for easy packing and never wrinkles!

Barrett Cobb

I love the dresses, the material is so soft and the designs fantastic. The length is just right! I’m looking forward to wearing them ❤️❤️
Valerie Cheffings

I love my dress and belt! Perfect fit. I already showed it off to friends and received tons of compliments.

Dawn Gardner

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