How to Dress Taller S/S Module 1: Basic Principles


Do you feel that being short keeps you from looking as stylish and fashionable as you would like to be? In this course, Tracy Gold shares her tried and tested style tips on how to look taller INSTANTLY… without wearing painful high heel shoes!


In this module you will learn the basic principles of how to dress taller. In Modules 2 – 8 I share practical tips on how to wear each spring/summer wardrobe essential, with style.

Each module includes a video series and e-magazine for a fun and unique learning experience.

Modules included:

Module 1: Basic Principles

Module 2: Pants & Jeans

Module 3: Tops

Module 4: Jackets

Module 5: Dresses

Module 6: Skirts

Module 7: Shoes

Module 8: Shorts – coming soon


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Tracy Gold How to dress taller

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